Faith insurance

Procella Insurance Solutions is able to  assist in the management of your unique risks and provide 

on-going support. We understand your unique insurance requirements.


The Australian Faith community is often vulnerable to specific risks that must be managed and diligently monitored to ensure the protection of the church, congregation, wider community and property.

Risks in the Faith sector include:


  • Vandalism

  • Abuse and sexual molestation 

  • Theft and Burglary 

  • Protecting staff and volunteers 

  • Protecting relics from damage or loss


As experts in Faith insurance, we have the experience and understanding to provide the best level of protection for you, those in your care, and your property.

Faith insurance products include:

  • Faith Insurance Business Pack

  • Industrial Special Risk Insurance

  • Management Liability Insurance

  • General Public and Products Liability Insurance

  • Sexual Abuse Cover 


We understand where you may be vulnerable in your organisation and will provide you with the right insurance solution.